Never Alone's Mission is Simple:
No More Victims.

For too long the emphasis in prevention has been on identifying victims. We are not satisfied with such an approach. We want to stop predators before they create victims, not catch them after the damage is done. In doing so we have adopted the "Never Alone" philosophy.

Never Leave Children Alone.

Predators will prey on your children in front of you, they will take advantage of your ignorance. So when we say never leave children alone we don't mean just in a physical sense, we mean in an emotional sense as well. We care for our children, we listen to our children, we empower our children, and we protect our children.

Never Leave Victims/Survivors Alone

The damage done by childhood sexual abuse is horrific. The stress changes the way the brain functions, the loss of trust damages every relationship a child has. The shame, guilt, and fear their predator instills in them makes them question every fact, person, and decision in their life. It takes years of work and an unfailing support system to undo the damage done. Our mission is to be a part of that support system, to aid others in becoming a support system, and to empower survivors to take control of their lives and their healing. No matter how dark it gets, how messy it is, we never leave survivors alone to do it on their own.

Never Leave Predators Alone

It is common sense. You don't leave an alcoholic alone with alcohol. You don't leave a kleptomaniac alone with your money. You don't leave a steak alone with a wolf. You don't leave a pedophile alone with your children. Again it is more than just the physical presence though. You don't give them chances to deceive you. You don't give them chances to try and perpetrate on your children. You don't give them anything. They did not get to the place of sexually violating children by accident, it was not a momentary slip. They are cunning and vile and we will not give them an ounce of peace. We will never, ever, leave them alone.

One child victimized is one victim too many

Abuse Prevention


We provide a wide range of trainings to fit almost every organization, group, and need. Religious, secular, and domestic trainings available.

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Survivor Support

We take every opportunity to support survivors wherever they might be in their healing journey. We provide trainings for organizations and groups to train them to help and support victims, providing a safe place for them to disclose and heal. 

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